Paintly: FAQ

How do I start?
We prepared a Beginner's Guide to help you get started. 


What comes in my kit?
Your kit should include the following:
  • Numbered Acrylic Paints
  • Numbered High-Quality Linen Canvas
  • Paper Guide
  • 3 Paint Brushes
  • Wooden Frame (If selected)


What is the use of the paper included in the package?
It should serve as your reference to know what color goes to which part of the image. Though the canvas is also numbered, the paper guide should provide you with a clear indication and pattern to make sure that you are on the right path in completing the painting.


How to assemble the frame?


How to purchase an additional DIY frame?
Both sizes we offer can be purchased with frames included. However, if you already purchased the product without a frame, you can reach out to our email support team at for an additional frame. Please be reminded that additional frames are NOT FOR FREE. Our representative should provide you with an invoice, and once settled, it should be forwarded for processing and shipment.


How do I keep my paints from drying out?
  • It is recommended to use the paints as soon as received.
  • It should be properly sealed
  • It should not be exposed to the sun
  • Generally, the shelf life of the paints is 6 months. However, it is still highly recommended to use as soon as possible.


Why did I receive dried paints?
The products are shipped out in a good condition. Any damages that occur during shipment are beyond our control. There are several factors that cause this problem with the paints. One, it can be the storage during shipment. It can also be mishandling of the package during the shipping process. However, should you receive damaged paints, you can try to restore them by adding water. If this does not resolve the issue, please reach out to our email support team at Please attach photos of the paints as well as indicate the number of the paints so a replacement can be processed right away.


Why are some of the paints I received are clumpy?
This can be an indication that the paints were exposed to a cold temperature. Most probably the paints were not sealed properly. For clumpy paints, reach out to our email support team at Please attach photos of the paints to your email as well as indicate the number of the paints for a replacement to be processed right away.
However, there are paints with just bumps on them. If it does, you just have to stir the paints with a stick to make them usable.


The paints are not enough for the whole image, can I buy more paints?
The paints provided on the kit should be enough for the whole canvas. However, if you want extra paints, you can reach out to us at Please indicate the number of the paints in your email. Please be reminded that ADDITIONAL paints are NOT FOR FREE.


How to purchase additional paints?
Email us at and inform our customer service representative that you are in need of extra paints. Should you only need specific colors, you can indicate the numbers of the paints you need. Our representative will send you an invoice, and once settled it should be forwarded for processing and shipment.


The colors are completely different from the photo I sent?
Email us at together with the photo of the paints you received for review. Should we confirm the difference to the original photo provided, a replacement should be processed for you as soon as possible.


The end results are completely lighter/darker as compared to the photo I sent.
For Digital Acrylic Painting, the end result might not be 100% similar to the photo, and the colors might be slightly different from the photo you provided due to the quality, and the lighting, to name a few. That is why our creative team highly suggests completely finishing the painting before reaching out to us.


Can I change the photo on my order?
If the order hasn't been processed yet, the order can be put on hold until you provide us with the new photo. You can send the photo at


Do you accept Black and White photos?
Yes! Black and White photos are acceptable.


Do you accept nude photos?
Yes! Nude photos are acceptable.


Do you edit photos like removing the background?
Our creative team can only do basic photo editing such as removing the background, basic cropping, shadow & highlight enhancements, and optimized color correction.