Photo Guidelines

How To Select The Right Photos For Your Custom Paint By Numbers?



Make sure to select a size with a similar aspect ratio to the photo you will use.

  • 12 x 16 in (Ratio = 3:4)
  • 16 x 20 in (Ratio = 4:5)

The image should not be less than 800 Pixels.

The larger the proportion of the face, the better the results.

As long as the ratio is 3:4 or 4:5 adding a frame to the order is OK.



There should be no shadows and occlusions

Smooth lighting is highly recommended

The photo should not be blurry

Filtered photos are not recommended

Dark background, photos with insufficient lighting, and photos with exposure are not allowed



The background should not be too cluttered.



There should be an appropriate number of people in the photo.