Flora - Paint By Number
Flora - Paint By Number
Flora - Paint By Number
Flora - Paint By Number

Flora - Paint By Number

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Choosing the perfect paint by number kit is an essential part of your creative journey. Our product page offers a variety of customization options to help you create a truly personalized masterpiece. To make the selection process as simple as possible, follow this easy guide to understand each option and customize your kit accordingly:


  • Without Frame: If you would prefer to leave your masterpiece paint by numbers unframed or would like to browse for options outside our store, select this option. It's perfect for those who enjoy the flexibility of choosing their frame style later on.
  • With DIY Frame: For the hands-on artist, choose the DIY paint by numbers with frame option. This comes with easy-to-assemble wooden frame pieces, allowing you to create a beautiful display for your artwork.
  • Already Framed: Opt for convenience and select the Already Framed option for your masterpiece paint by numbers. Your canvas will arrive pre-stretched and secured onto a sturdy wooden frame, ready for display.
  • How To Paint By Number Without Frame? If you want to paint by number without using a frame you can use tape or any heavy object to make your canvas stay at a definite position, making sure that its not impacting your intricate brush strokes.


  • Choose the perfect size for your masterpiece paint by numbers painting from our range of available dimensions (in centimeters): 30x40, 40x50, 50x60, 60x70, and 60x80. Consider the space that you'll be displaying your artwork and the level of detail you desire when selecting the size that's right for you.


  • Black & White Canvas: This option provides a classic black and white outline of your image, ideal for those who appreciate the simplicity of monochrome.
  • Colored Canvas: If you'd like a bit of guidance in applying colors, opt for the colored canvas. It comes pre-printed with suggested colors for each numbered section, making the painting process more straightforward.


  • Select the number of paint colors you'd like to work with: 24, 36, or 48. The more colors you choose, the more detailed and vibrant your finished frames for paint by numbers will be. Consider your painting experience and desired level of complexity when making your choice.

Use this guide to tailor your paint by number kit to your preferences and artistic style. Enjoy a personalized, creative experience that results in a stunning piece of artwork you'll be proud to display.

Experience custom paint by number with fast shipping and the option to add extra paint for paint by numbers. Stop thinking about where to buy paint by numbers in store and just click on Paintly Shop.

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Bring Your Memories to Life

How To Customize Your Own Painting

Step 1

Choose your favorite photo

Step 2

Upload to Paintly

Step 3

We create a kit with your photo

Step 4

Receive your kit & bring your painting to life

The Best Way To Live A Couple Moments Twice!

Paintly Custom Paint By Numbers is here to recreate Cherished Moments with your Friends and Family, Pets, or Soulmates with every brush stroke. Coupled with the relaxation of painting and the joy of accomplishment, come join join the journey towards a colorful life.

  1. Unpack your Paint by Numbers kit
  2. Match each color with the number on the canvas
  3. Apply the paint to those areas
  4. Admire your beautiful artwork!

How to paint

Step 1

Lay out everything you received with our kit

Step 2

Match the colors with the corresponding paint colors

Step 3

Paint each numbered section with the corresponding color

Trusted & Loved Globally


"I started paint by numbers during covid and got sick of it cause every website has the same boring designs. But hten I found paintly and safe to say I am addicted again!"


"My daughter and I have painted this together. It's so gorgeous! I have 5 more on the way. Super excited!"


"I've always had a problem buying from other sites because I kinda knew they were all stolen artworks. Buying from Paintly has sure eased my conscience"


It all depends on the thickness of the base; generally, paint by numbers dry between 10 to 15 minutes.

To paint a color by numbers without a frame, you have to follow the below-given steps:

  1. Choose a thin and lightweight linen canvas
  2. Choose a paint that is thick and dries quickly
  3. Start to paint by numbers 
  4. Now let the paint dry
  5. Once the painting is finished, you can hang it up

There is no best way as some individuals prefer to always start painting from the top and work their way down, or finish painting numbers or paints in their order, or going from larger to smaller areas and vice versa.

You can seal your paint by number custom painting with an acrylic sealer, which will give it a professional look.

The colors provided in the Paintly Paint by Numbers kit are environmentally friendly, non-toxic acrylic paints.

No, mixing is not necessary for paints provided in the Paintly Paint by Numbers kit. Select the shade on the canvas sheet that corresponds to the relevant number, then begin painting.